Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and TableBoost partner to bring free Facilities Management app to restaurants

TableBoost is an app that saves the average restaurant $15,000 per year while also reducing the risk of loss.... and it is FREE!
Summary of TableBoost:
  • Is a FREE web & mobile application for restaurants
  • Simplifies the process of managing Repairs & Maintenance and Equipment purchases
  • Takes the stress, hassle and a lot of cost out of Facilities Management
  • The average restaurant will save $15,000 per year using TableBoost
  • Simple to use and setup
The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is one of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ fastest growing chambers, with more than 1,000 members, including small businesses, global enterprises, independent businesspeople, and civic-minded individuals. We proudly serve all four Cape Ann communities – Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport. Much of our work is focused in these areas:
  • Promoting the region and raising the visibility of our members among residents and visitors
  • Helping businesses thrive by fostering connections, providing training and education, and offering programs that benefit these organizations
  • Addressing the economic, educational, and cultural needs of Cape Ann by providing support for key community priorities

TableBoost will ensure that:
  • emergency repairs will get done quickly
  • you will never overpay for repairs, maintenance or equipment purchases
  • you won’t pay for things that are still under warranty
  • you should never lose revenue or have property damge due to equipment failure
  • you won’t fail an inspection (Board of Health, Fire Safety, or Building)
Now it is affordable; It’s free!
To create your TableBoost account, Sign up Now!

One TableBoost customer said: "I wish that I had TableBoost two years ago because our sprinkler system failed and the resulting damage caused us to be closed. We lost six months of revenue. We forgot, and our service provider forgot, to have our sprinkler system serviced. There is a high level of turnover at restaurants and things like this slip through the cracks."

TableBoost would have prevented this system failure because TableBoost takes an inventory of all equipment and systems and pre-schedules recurring preventative maintenance for all of them. TableBoost sends reminders and keeps a digital record of all servicing and invoices.

If you would like help setting up your account or have any questions, a TableBoost Support professional is ready to help. Simply email:

About Us

TableBoost was inspired by, and created by, people who have worked in the restaurant industry and the software industry. We understand the incredible challenges restaurateurs face with facilities management and we are committed to create a marketplace to make restaurants and their Service Providers and Suppliers succeed.

Our Mission

Enable restaurants to flourish by making the maintenance easier. Getting quotes from vendors is quick and just takes a few clicks.

Our Plan

Create an easy to use app for restaurants to run smoother. Service calls are time consuming and take you away from what restaurants do best: make great food. TableBoost is helping you be your best.

Our Vision

Make it simple to use and at the same time make it powerful. Simple and powerful.


TableBoost is started by entrepreneurs with a history of delivering successful technology solutions. The team is built with experienced restaurant insiders and technology experts. The combination of the great backgrounds of TableBoost creates a team that delivers on its ideas with great products.

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